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Yesterday I found out about a photoshop "project" for hitRECord's BlackBook magazine collaboration, which I had 24 hours to complete. A hitRECord collaboration means I get to "remix" other peoples' work instead of having to do what I can'tdraw and/or be creative in an artistic sensethus making good use of my photoshop "skills". This collaboration required contributors to photoshop photos shot and put together by BlackBook Magazine. I put my skills to the test by doing what I do best: superimposing heads onto peoples' bodies. In this case, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's. This was the result. The messy, 4:33 am result. (See grid A3 - existential sasquatch)

original photo

superimposed heads

Remember, this is a "remixed" collaboration, which means none of those heads except for two were created by me. I basically just cut and pasted them onto Joe's head (I'm calling him Joe now, because his twitter account and videos imply that I can. So I will.)  You'd think that doing such a simple task would be simple, but of course I had to go and take approximately 10 hours to complete this.

I eventually caved and drew squirrelly people. I didn't do that great of a job, but it's pretty decent for someone who can't even draw the X-Men logo. (I just haven't grasped the concept of 3D text  yet, okay?!)

Click here to see the full image, and/or recommend it if you think it's worthy of print. Or just judge my work and tell me about how superimposing heads on things is getting old. (Actually, maybe don't do that, I don't think I could handle that type of any criticism at all, whatsoever.)

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