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I should really stop naming each playlist by their respective months because they are never revealed until the month is over. That being said, starting now until FOREVER, I will come up with equally as bland names for my playlists. Perhaps even more bland than the name of the month. Just for the sake of being bland. Maybe then, George Michael will love me. 

On another note, this playlist was heavily influenced by Skins, as a nod to the Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain; that particular nod suggesting, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SKINS FILM FOR SUMMER 2011? It is summer 2011 and none of the Skins generation 1 or 2 cast members have tweeted about this film. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO CASSIE AND SID. AND FREDDY. AND KATIE'S UTERUS." 

Bottom Line: If you want to pretend you're psychologically unstable, you'll probably want to listen to this playlist. I am almost 75% certain you will enjoy it. (+/- 5%) 

Downloadable tracks: 
5. Infantree - part of Under The Radar's free playlist that comes with their May issue (the issue with Aziz on the cover and Danny Pudi as Buddy Holly [!!!!]) 
8. Black Lips - RCRDLBL 
11. Ra Ra Riot - RCRDLBL

Also, if you're an iPhone user, you can download the 8tracks app and listen to this mix along with other users' mixes for free! The only downside is that the tracks are played randomly, and you can only fast forward 3 times per hour because of their music license. But it's free, so download it! 

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