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A brief look at punctuation marks, conversational skills, and "marketing".

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 § 0

It may seem as if I've been neglecting this blog as I haven't posted anything since the end of May. You should all be ashamed of yourselves if you think I've been slacking, because I haven't! I've been tirelessly working towards this blog. You just can't see it (and will never see any of it), because everything I've produced has come out to be pure crap because I seem to emit cosmic rays of mediocrity.

Anyhow, I've been putting my my sub-par photoshop skills to the test and reading up on logos in an attempt to create an image that represents the ENTIRETY of my being and fit it into an approximate 100px by 100px icon (or at least something that would look good at both a height of 100px as well as something as big as a banner). 

This post does not mean I have succeeded. However, I had a mini epiphany yesterday that may have temporarily solved my problem: an ellipsis

If we do not know each other well, or really, if we do know each other well, I have probably made the reluctant attempt at engaging in "small talk" with you. One of the questions I often ask people is, "If you could be any punctuation mark, what would you be?" I ask this only because I already have my own answer prepared in advance and am therefore prepared for the second segment of this possibly-painful exchange of words we are having. 

My answer is always, "an ellipsis ... or maybe an ampersand because the name 'ampersand' is nice to say ... but no, I'd be an ellipsis." I'd be an ellipsis because: 
1. my train of thought is reliably choppy (in a continuous manner)
2. people don't usually hear me when I talk, so I often trail off into silence to avoid having to waste my breath 
3. they often signify hesitation, nervousness, and squirrels
4. (the epiphany:) three dots also represent the letter "S" in Morse code. ["S" and "O" are the only codes I have learned (for when I'm in trouble).]

So there. I don't know all the proper uses of the ellipsis, nor do I believe I've been using it properly, but I'm okay with having an ellipsis represent myself; at least for the time being. What did you expect I'd do, a stylized squirrel drawing? (As if I could draw a squirrel!)