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I'm posting another blog because I've already watched Glee, walked Kiki, and I'm already bored of Vancouver. Also, I really want to talk about a small record shop Mel told me about called Paul's Boutique.

Paul's Boutique is a small vintage record shop on Avenue du Mont-Royal that looks vaguely like the house from Up. Inside, vintage records, organized neatly, line the perimeter of the store and every space in between. There is little room for movement, but with all the records to sift through, you won't be moving a lot anyway. At first I was intimidated by the store. A record player in the back played unknown (but probably classics, what do I know?) records loudly, and I was the only customer in the store. Relative to the only sales associate there, I felt like a n00b (I am, however, l33t). After being consumed with searching for certain records from the 50s, the music seemed to mellow out and blend into my surroundings. Only when the record stopped to be turned over did I realize how comfortable I was in a vintage record store, seeing that I do not actually own a record player.

I was delightfully overwhelmed by all the milk crates stuffed with records of all genres dating from the 80s and beyond, but especially so with the wide selection they had of records from the 50s and 60s. They also carry a lot of old VHSs and CDs from the 90s, but I was in a record store, so I was going to look at records, and not 90s media I probably already own.

I walked in expecting to browse the albums, gawk a the overpriced, used records, and leave with nothing. Instead, I found 3 records I was going to buy as CDs from HMV anyway for about 6 bucks each, as well as more records I wanted to buy but knew I shouldn't.

I abstained from buying all of the Bobby Darin records (none of them interested me, and by then, 8$ seemed like too much), the Edith Piaf record with the track Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (I thought about how self-conscious I would've been if people thought I only bought it because of Inception), a random record with Girl from Ipanema and Other Jazz Classics ("for people who think they like jazz but aren't sure", which I regret not buying for only 3$), and a record with a cat on it entitled ALLEY CAT.

These were my purchases of the day, (and my entire trip, actually) save for the FOALS album I bought at their gig at Le National.

Bobby Rydell - Bobby Swings // 6$ // Song that convinced me to buy it: Volare
Paul Anka - Paul Anka's 21 Golden Hits// 5$ // Song that convinced me to buy it: ALL OF THEM.
Edith Piaf - The Great Edith Piaf // 5$ // Song that convinced me to buy it: Padam Padam
Frankie Avalon - Best of Frankie Avalon // 8$ // Song that convinced me to buy it: none, he's just a freaking babe, and I bought it because he's a babe. That is all.

In retrospect, I guess I could've gotten a Bobby Darin album for 8$, instead of choosing Frankie Avalon for being a babe. But still, I'm sure this "All American boyfriend" with "his clean cut, teddy bear cuddly good looks and sweet pop hit records" is going to impress me no matter what. I'm biased now anyway. Besides, like the album cover says, "These are his biggest hit recordings. They are as sweet and naive as the era they symbolize.". Don't judge me for enjoying the wholesomeness of the 50s! Being sweet and naive is my niche, anyway.

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