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I'm going to continue with the list. I contemplated doing a list of pros and cons about subways and mostly improbable scenarios in which being in a subway would suck, but that's for another time.
List of Things That Make Montreal Cooler Than Vancouver pt. 2

4. Tap Water

Tastes like freedom and bottled water. No chemical taste! No need to boil it to drink it, or let it sit to evaporate the chlorine (if that's even possible? My knowledge of the elements only goes as far as 12th grade chemistry.). (My knowledge of how to use brackets and the combination of periods within a bracket followed by another period is also limited.)

5. Fast Food Fries

Fries that taste like potatoes, and not deep fried and salted mush with a crunchy exterior.
In the 8th grade, I did a project on Qu├ębec, and brought a poutine from the cafeteria as a demonstrative prop. Upon planning my trip to Montreal back in February, I was crushed to realize that I wouldn't be able to eat two out of three of the only components of a poutine in the very province it originated from due to my finicky dietary needs. However, that pile of fries only cost 2 bucks my friends. Cheap Steph is pleased.

6. Breakfast

I haven't been a vegan for very long. In fact, I haven't been a vegan at all considering I have yet to kick my abnormal addiction to honey lemon Strepsils. I broke my "veganism" on my first day in Montreal, when I accidentally ordered (and ate) sushi with mayo in it. I decided that if I was going to break my veganism while on vacation, I might as well do what I did during my vegetarianism, which was allowing milk ingredients, but laying off the eggs.

Here at Chez Cora (The healthier, more wholesome, and less American version of iHop), they make French toast, otherwise known as eggy bread, but done without eggs. Then they top it with a pile of fresh fruit. Psuedo-Vegan Steph is pleased.

7. Marketing

Kevin's marketing plan is impenetrable, just solid.

That's good for now I suppose. I could go on, but I'd rather talk about the thrift stores I couldn't find and the records I bought for my nonexistent record player.

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