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I've been in Montreal for 5 days now. I've been trying to stop myself from drawing parallels to Vancouver, but it's second nature for me to mold a new environment into something I'm familiar with. While it may seem to defeat the purpose of going on a vacation, it does decrease the constant fear that has been drilled deep into the crevices of my head of being kidnapped and killed.

Much like how I've created a secret list of clones of my old and new friends and acquaintances, I've been taking mental notes of places in Montreal that have similarities to areas in Vancouver.

None of this, however, is interesting or even concerns anyone else but
me, so I'll keep the carbon copy revelations to a minimum (so as not to offend anyone, or any place -- can you even offend a place?).

BUT, with all the similarities and parallels, there are many areas in which Montreal far exceeds Vancouver in, and thus begins my List of Things That Make Montreal Cooler Than Vancouver.

1. Architecture
I tried to be stealth while taking this photo, so as not to look like a tourist. I failed.

"Quaint" and "d'awww" are probably the best ways to describe the spiral-staircased, teal green-painted, tiny-balconied neighbourhoods of Montreal.

2. Squirrels

NO FEAR. (Actually, only momentarily. It ran away into a tiny hole in the tree.)

3. Subways

Controlled by human beings, not robots. (The only thing wrong with Subways is the lack of cellular tower signals, and the fact that no one can hear you scream down there. Good thing there's a human in control.)

In my attempt to beat this OCD (by power of suggestion), I will end this list at 3 items instead of four, and continue sometime soon. (Probably tomorrow.)

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