Monday, May 9, 2011 § 0

If the days following my 20th were any indication of my future as an adult, I'm going to have an extremely promising adulthood. (One in which I fully regress to adolescence.)

May 7th: free comic book day, sweets and fries for dinner

Any time I go to a comic book store, I get an overwhelming sense of intimidation and n00bnicity. I was shocked at how many free comic books there were at Golden Age. To be honest, I had no idea what most of the titles were, so I picked the ones that looked the funniest and went back to work, judging completely by cover. The FCBD table was insane. A naked woman could've walked by and no one would've noticed.

After work, I was delightfully surprised with fuzzy peaches and oreos, and treated to a fancy plate o' fries for dinner. My friends are delightful, just delightful!

May 8th: I play a record for the first time

My grandparents gave me their old record player for my birthday. Listened to Paul Anka's Diana for the first time on vinyl. This is easily the coolest thing I've ever owned. Currently listening to Edith Piaf, and it's killing me. All I want to do is swoon over how beautiful her voice is.

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