Sunday, March 25, 2012 § 0


Gauntlet Hair - Gauntlet Hair
Water World - Water Bird 
Theme Park - Milk // Ghost 
Jonquil - It's My Part // It's My Part TEED Remix 
Chad Valley - Equatorial Ultravox 
Zulu Winter - We Should Be Swimming // Sycamore Trees 
Oberhofer - Away Frm U // Dead Girls Dance 
Jonquil/Solid Gold Dragons Split - Mexico // Serious Lover
Jonquil - Point of Go
Niki & The Dove - The Fox 
Taken on 4 March 2012, my last night in London.

Nottingham x Seapony + Memoryhouse

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 § 0

I'd only used the first 8 exposures on this roll in Nottingham before realizing I needed to switch to an 800 roll, so the first few photos are the results. Wollaton Hall & Deer Park had a really fantastic post-apocalyptic veil of fog that day. It was also dinner time, so there were no people around. It was perfect to say the least. (Introvert Steph was pleased.)

Wollaton Hall & Deer Park, Nottingham x Seapony at The Waldorf in Vancouver

Memoryhouse at The Waldorf in Vancouver
(More photos here.)

I still have loads of photos to post from my trip to England, but since I've already gone and written everything down in a notebook I haven't felt the need to spew out every single memory on the blog. Or should I say, "Blargh!" (Genius.)

don't mind the dust

Sunday, January 29, 2012 § 0

Re-scanned and edited all of my 2011 film photos. I can't tell if this was an act of productivity or not. The usefulness of a lot of things I've been doing lately have been ambiguous. I'm about a third of the way through five books and have just started another two. I've voluntarily started playing the piano and my guitar, and I've spent a good four days on youtube. This is my life now. Forever Pants-ing real hard.

(1/2 of) Lemolo
img094Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
The Head & The Heart
Active Child
Wild Beasts
img102 (2)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 

needs more magnets

Friday, December 30, 2011 § 0

I still haven't a clue as to what I'm doing. These are my most recent rolls; one of which was accidentally exposed whilst bowling. Here are all my (mostly) faceless photos, for privacy's sake.
img042 (2) img034 img036 img027 img025 img024 img026 img013 img009 img023img066 img056 img053


Wednesday, September 7, 2011 § 0

If there's one thing I can say with confidence that I excel at, it's procrastination. It took me a good three weeks to finally turn a ugly 3$ vintage-gucci-knockoff dollar store agenda into this encyclopedic beast of a planner. There are 10 hours before I should be arriving at my first class on my first day of school. I did this on the night before school. Because I am a procrastinator; who also has mild obsessive-compulsive tendencies. 

Using Tofurky packaging, a page from the 'eye' section of an old encyclopaedia, matte transfer paper with a green geometric print, and packaging elastic from my internal struggle (boots edition), I ended up with this

before/after/inky pen that will probably bleed through all the cheap pages inside

So tomorrow, I can read about astigmatism in an effort to awkwardly strategically avoid having to engage in small talk with strangers during my break. Success!


Friday, September 2, 2011 § 0

Yesterday I found out about a photoshop "project" for hitRECord's BlackBook magazine collaboration, which I had 24 hours to complete. A hitRECord collaboration means I get to "remix" other peoples' work instead of having to do what I can'tdraw and/or be creative in an artistic sensethus making good use of my photoshop "skills". This collaboration required contributors to photoshop photos shot and put together by BlackBook Magazine. I put my skills to the test by doing what I do best: superimposing heads onto peoples' bodies. In this case, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's. This was the result. The messy, 4:33 am result. (See grid A3 - existential sasquatch)

original photo

superimposed heads

Remember, this is a "remixed" collaboration, which means none of those heads except for two were created by me. I basically just cut and pasted them onto Joe's head (I'm calling him Joe now, because his twitter account and videos imply that I can. So I will.)  You'd think that doing such a simple task would be simple, but of course I had to go and take approximately 10 hours to complete this.

I eventually caved and drew squirrelly people. I didn't do that great of a job, but it's pretty decent for someone who can't even draw the X-Men logo. (I just haven't grasped the concept of 3D text  yet, okay?!)

Click here to see the full image, and/or recommend it if you think it's worthy of print. Or just judge my work and tell me about how superimposing heads on things is getting old. (Actually, maybe don't do that, I don't think I could handle that type of any criticism at all, whatsoever.)

Fujica ST605N, what does that even mean? What am I doing? Is this real life?

Friday, August 26, 2011 § 0

Last week I visited my favourite thrift shop and found a Fujica ST605N. I didn't impulsively buy it because I was reminded by Celia that I knew nothing about the camera, so I went home and did some research (Read: flickr creeping). Filled with camera hoarding lust and being slightly more informed, I went back the next day and bought it. These are some of the results of my attempt at working with a manual film camera sans the battery-operated light meter. I still have no idea what I'm doing.

Scan 2
"Yo, you really need to stop taking photos of me." - Kiki

Scan 5
mini lion

temporary indoor garden
temporary indoor garden

happy belated (fake?) birthday, Grandpa


Scan 10

Scan 11

Scan 12
going in for a kiss

gastown, minus humans

the diamond
the diamond

internal struggle
internal struggle

neglected olives
neglected olives

Scan 19

spun sugar

sugar spinning
spun sugar

noble profession
"Macs? No, I really just work with Windows."